Maximize your performance and minimize your cost with SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN?

Software Defined WAN connects a business’ many locations for a collaborative work environment across geographical distances. Within these broad computer systems, many are connected through public networks which end up being less secure. California Telecom is here to help you manage the security, infrastructure, updates to software, and more as your premier SD-WAN Provider – all remotely to help your business collectively take advantage of a synced work environment.


Easy to Deploy

  • Less expensive than WAN
  • Bandwidth is used more efficiently
  • Lowers bandwidth and hardware costs

Customized Flexibility

  • Flexibility for the right solution
  • Choose your size and budget

Voice and Video Quality

  • Connects even with packet loss
  • Clear picture and voice

Secure, Reliable Connectivity

Your business will always be ready and synced.

What Can We Do to Help?

California Telecom is proud to offer you this new up and coming technology with its feature-rich products. Because this SD-WAN is application based, mission-critical traffic is prioritized, and your system is designated with automated failover to ensure continuous connectivity.

Our consultative approach ensures that your business gets the right product for you. Since no two companies are alike, we will make sure we understand what you need and only provide those products you can benefit from. This technology is in its early stages, and we know the complexities like no one else. We will show you the benefits and differences of software wan to see how it can help your business.


MPLS is a product of the past. With SD-WAN, your technology figuration becomes more straightforward and quicker giving you the security and protection your business needs to survive in the world economy. Erase your geographical boundaries and allow for easy scalability.

California Telecom offers you a wide selection of SD-WAN management options for organizations of all sizes, from monitoring to complete outsourcing with our managed edge-router service. The many benefits of software defined wan will help any business;

  • Prioritize mission-critical traffic
  • Automate failover
  • Connectivity site to site
  • Aggregate circuits together
  • Improve experience quality