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California Telecom has designed and built its network from the ground up with advanced services and solutions in mind. California Telecom understands the critical nature of your business network and will help you reach your IT and communications goals.

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  • We are a 106 Year old company and a leader in the heat transfer products and services to the Automotive, Mobile Equipment and Fluid Power marketplace with value that surpasses the expectations of our customers. We expect that type of commitment from our Service Providers. California Telecom has demonstrated that commitment over the years providing excellent 24/7 support and services with their T1’s, VoIP Service and Colocation Service. They are as much a part of our business as our customers are.

    Hanns Schweis Thermal Dyanmics Corp.


  • California Telecom customer service is a shining example of what every service provider should offer. Our IT Production Services division is fully dependent on the internet. We've been a California Telecom customer for at least 7 years, and I'm amazed with the support team and level of service. I recommend California Telecom to everyone I know, who has internet service and to those who need it. Truly the right choice!

    Oscar Navarro Sony Pictures TV


  • When I was opening my new business, I spoke to many different providers but I couldn't find a match with any of the other providers regarding quality, price, and great service. California Telecom has been a great provider with quick and personal service. I highly recommend California Telecom and the solutions they offer!

    John Doan CEO Miracle Debt Solutions


  • California Telecom has been a fantastic resource and a great help in getting our west coast office up and running. Their customer service is knowledgeable and always responsive to our needs as a growing company.

    Zach McGrath BuzzFeed


  • Jonathon has been great going above and beyond to solve challenges. Just recently I asked to have a click to dial work from the web portal and he was just relentless until it was resolved and documented. Hamed was the same when we had VPN issues early on. I appreciate your teams proactively monitoring our network and addressing circuit issues urgently which shows your commitment to high quality of service.

    Mike Sedehi Pacifica Trucks


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