Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are popular for recreational purposes, for example, watching films and recordings on sites like Netflix, BBC, Pandora, or Hulu. VPNs enable the user to sidestep local network limitations and blocked sites. Countries around the world even restrict access to certain websites that may have inappropriate content or be a security issue. This practice is referred to as Geo-obstructing. VPNs are a workaround for this, and one of the reasons businesses need a VPN is that it allows their clients to access sites that are blocked in their district or nation.

VPNs enable you to access remote systems safely

Most businesses use a VPN connection to enable their employees to get to their organization’s private system safely while working remotely. The employees could be anywhere in the world and still be able to access the protected private system of their organization to get to records, applications, and other workplace assets. By using VPN, the organization assets are not directly exposed to thousands of security threats, and therefore the employees have direct and secure access to their work systems and business data.

VPNs keep you secure and private on open systems

VPNs empower your employees to securely use an open system without risking data security. The on-the-go nature of today’s business requires the use of public networks say at a coffee shop or in an airport. A VPN acts as an extra layer of security and allows your employees the convenience of using these access points without risking the security of your network. The result is increased productivity, easier communication with remote employees, and the ability to safely combine efforts among project members.

California Telecom can show you how a VPN can be a secure way for your employees to work and allow you to give them a better work-life balance and more flexibility to get the job done. Or if your business or organization has a need to contact customers or people in countries where internet access may be restricted a VPN may be the best solution. Contact us today for a consultation.