Big-Name Businesses Choose California Telecom

About Us

Founded by our President, Jim Gurol, he knew there was a better way of getting telecommunications out to the California businesses.

 “I formed this company on the belief that there is a better way to provide telecommunication services to California Businesses. In this day and age, Telecommunication companies are under the impression, that since their clients are under contract, there is a general arrogance about how services are to be performed. I built this company to change that perception. At California Telecom we believe by focusing on the California marketplace, we can cater directly to our customers’ needs on a local level.”

The past 10-years have given us the ability to offer the best telecommunications, managed services, and data transmitting to local businesses in California than any other internet companies in California. We are proud to be a local resource for you and your business by providing high-speed internet to all major markets in the U.S. Our network delivers highly reliable data, application, and managed services.

Because we own and operate our own Network Operations Center (NOC) we have over 30 Gbps of capacity to facilitate our clients and their needs. We provide the highest level of support to our customers all while simultaneously reducing the overall amount of their business’ network packet loss.

The Highest Level Of Support

to reduce your overall amount of network packet loss

Why California Telecom?

California Telecom has designed and built its network from the ground up with advanced services and solutions in mind. California Telecom understands the critical nature of your business network.

 We can give you much more than other telecom companies in California do because our services are aimed at satisfying our customers’ needs.

  • Local Presence
  • Honest & Reliable
  • Always There When You Need Us, 24/7
  • Highest Quality


For the internet service California businesses demand, we offer dedicated high speed, high capacity internet access and top-notch services all from a local partner.