Slow internet at home means frustration; slow internet at work means miscommunications, missed deadlines, and lost business. Your business relies on quick, efficient internet connection to send emails, communicate with clients, and deliver high-quality results that your clients count on. A T1 internet line offers a dedicated line to your business—no more sharing bandwidth with neighbors that can compromise your internet speed. T1 lines use fiber optic lines (although earlier iterations are made with copper wires) to deliver optimal internet speed and consistency with minimal disruptions and efficient high-speed data transmissions. There’s often a lot of confusion between what a T1 line can offer you versus cable; if you’re looking for clarity about whether or not your business should use a T1 line, read our helpful guide below.

  • How T1 Lines Work: A T1 line has twenty-four digitize channels, set up to carry both voice channels and digital data. Each channel moves data at 60 KBPS (kilobit per second), so the overall line can carry data at around 1.5 MBPS (megabit per second). Your channels can be configured to carry voice traffic or internet data with ease. A T1 line offers a fixed public IP address and is available from several ISPs.
  • What are the Benefits? T1 internet lines provide stable, dependable service. It’s much easier to manage the connection for a single business than it is to manage internet service for multiple offices. Reliable bandwidth comes in handy when you have business-critical projects in motion that can’t afford to be slowed by redundant, ill-equipped internet connection. Whether you’re uploading or downloading files, T1 speeds remain the same due to their symmetrical construction. You can also enjoy high-quality voice connection and simpler long-distance communication.
  • T1 Lines are Compatible: Cable internet solutions can take a great deal of finessing for small businesses—if you use work with complex data storage solutions or cloud-based apps, your internet access could become stilted due to a weak digital signal. T1 lines provide a seamless fit for businesses using off-site data backup, cloud storage services, and applications like Salesforce.
  • High-Quality Durability: Large storms can have a disastrous effect on business—cable lines can be knocked out easily, leaving your internet connection lagging behind and costing you heavily. T1 lines remain open due to their direct connection with your facility. Don’t let one storm compromise your internet connection!

Make sure that you evaluate whether or not a T1 line makes sense for your business before you install a new internet solution. Reach out to our team at California Telecom today for more information!