Give Your Clients A Professional Organization With Hosted Call Center Solutions

Call Center PBX

Save time and money with California Telecom’s Call Center PBX and Call Center VoIP software. At California Telecom, we offer Call Center PBX along with an add-on of Call Center VoIP software that is competitively priced. Our VoIP Call Center allows your company to have a large inbound call flow. With our Call Center VoIP, calls will be routed to support or sales center easily. Our Call Center PBX and Call Center VoIP software then enable respective agents to answer the calls. With our Call Center VoIP software, not only calls are tracked, but statistics are also provided to help give you a full, comprehensive view of your inbound and outbound calling. Our VoIP call center also offers an additional facility of call recording for better customer handling and data analytics.



  • Choose from a list of add-ons
  • Scalable with growth

Customer Service:

  • Get complete call recordings
  • Provide your customers direct lines


  • One provider for phone and call center PBX
  • Training for your staff


Operation of private circuits is left to us

so you can focus on helping your customers instead.

Add-On Products

The add-on products of California Telecom Call Center solutions make our Call Center a perfect option for a business that fields phone calls as part of their business. Some add-ons include;

  • Track Calls
  • Deviate Calls
  • Choose Who Gets Calls
  • Hold Options
  • Call Recording
  • Analytics Software

Whether your company has a few employees or thousands of employees, you can give your customers the impression of a large, professional organization with our Call Center Solutions at California Telecom.

California Telecom call center solutions meet the needs of the new generation of VoIP call center, eliminating costly overhead such as hardware acquisition and maintenance, automatic monitoring, and managing resources to meet regulatory requirements and campaign goals. With California Telecom’s native Call Center VoIP software, the number of lines that you can run simultaneously is infinite, and our networked solutions mean that your staff can work even from a remote location where there is access to a computer and an Internet connection.