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There are some people that might think all IT service providers are the same and that you could get the same level of service from almost anyone. The truth is that there is a significant difference between mediocre and premium service. At some point, every business is going to experience downtime or an outage in their information technology. The measure of your IT provider is how quick they can respond to these downtimes.

What is SIP?

Session initiation protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol that can initiate, continue, and end real-time communications. This includes voice, video, and messaging applications. SIP is how we control multimedia conference sessions between multiple parties across the internet. It is most often used along with IP or VoIP phone systems.

The process is commonly called SIP trunking. It is another way of using phone systems that communicate over the internet as opposed to the traditional phone lines. This option can handle more than just voice though, SIP can share media and operate with video conferencing. It is a compelling alternative to all of the expensive hardware that you would need to perform the same task.

The Cost of Downtime.

In 2014, an Avaya study delved into the results and causes of downtime across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They conducted a survey of mid-to-large companies across those areas. Their results showed that 82% of these companies experienced network downtime that was caused by an error performed by IT personnel. Following that thread, 80% of the companies that had downtimes also suffered a loss in revenue as a result of the outage.

The average revenue losses of these companies’ downtimes were about $140,000 per event. That is an impact that no one should ignore. These numbers also prove the importance of selecting the right provider for your IT services. Hiring and managing your own IT department comes with certain risks. Outsourcing gives you the advantage of working with an established professional with experience to draw on.

The Advantages of SIP Trunking.

SIP services from California Telecom come with the benefit of being highly reliable and offering automated solutions to downtimes. SIP telephone calls are clear, reliable, and they don’t require expensive hardware. High-quality service providers will prevent downtime and have plans in place to compensate for any outages. SIP service allows for greater mobility, so if your network does experience any downtime, your phone number can be rerouted to a different carrier.

SIP communication sessions also offer several cost-cutting advantages. You will only have to pay for internet service and no longer have to add a phone bill to your monthly budgets. In a SIP session, long-distance calls no longer have such a high cost since they are made over the internet. As an added bonus, California Telecom provides area code mapping so that your business can call anywhere in the country and not appear as a strange distant number. This will help any business trying to expand their markets.

When you are considering your IT services, you need to consider the possible costs of any disruptions in performance. SIP trunking offers many benefits and mitigates the risk of downtimes. California Telecom delivers solutions that will plan ahead for and help to prevent any outages in your services.