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Cloud computing is a great business tool. It works with your current processes; it saves money, life just seems easier. When your business decides to start using the cloud, you have made a long-reaching decision that will reduce costs and streamline your processes. A hybrid cloud environment has a lot of moving parts, and to optimize these relationships, you need a way to manage them.  Certain areas of the business and users may need access to specific clouds but not others. You need to know how much is being used, where you can scale back to reduce costs, what is working and what isn’t.

Cloud platform management is an integrated product that allows you to control and manage all physical and virtual assets on public and private cloud platforms. An effective cloud management strategy will achieve three things:

Self-service – Cloud platform management gives you the ability to monitor and control a number of moving parts. You will have access to reporting so you can track cloud budgets, monitor utilization and costs, review cloud computing instances and create new ones, and adjust resource allocations.

Automation – Through workflow automation, you can manage cloud computing instances without the need for human intervention. Workflow automation also helps businesses meet reporting and compliance needs.

Analysis – Cloud management allows you to analyze the cloud computing workloads and user experiences that result from your company-wide cloud use. This information will help you make informed decisions on workload balance and capacity planning.  Metrics can also help you decide on when to change cloud providers or move workloads from public to private clouds.

But not all management tools are created the same. Public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services usually provide highly advanced and specialized programs which interface seamlessly with their cloud platforms but also limit users to basic tasks and reporting.

The solution is a third-party cloud management tool from California Telecom. Using these tools we can help you identify and integrate suitable cloud solutions either using public or private clouds.

Your cloud use doesn’t have to be a mystery, let California Telecom assess your use, investigate how the cloud will suit your business, and integrate a cloud solution that will revitalize your processes and reduce your computing costs.