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Ever since the creation of the internet, the way we access it has continually changed with every new advancement in technology. There are always new and different ways to get the resources that your business needs. Fixed wireless broadband internet is unlike other forms of internet because it does not rely on cables or a satellite.

Instead, fixed wireless deliver high-speed internet through radio waves that it receives via towers. There are still many myths and misconceptions that surround fixed wireless internet. We are going to debunk some of those myths today and let you know about the advantages of fixed wireless connections.

  1. Fixed wireless broadband is less reliable than cabled internet connections.
    This claim has been proven false time and time again. Wireless internet service has nearly always been as reliable and consistent as the wired internet connections that it has been compared. However, it reaches that performance level with lower costs, more flexibility, and rapid deployment.  
  2. Fixed wireless is slower than other methods of internet connectivity.
    The truth is that both of these connections operate at nearly the same speed across all kinds of industries and locations. Barring line of sight obstructions like large buildings, fixed wireless services have no trouble keeping up with wired internet. These services do this with lower upfront costs than cables and needing less work performed on your infrastructure.  
  3. Fixed wireless won’t work well in urban areas.
    Wireless internet works well in both environments. In urban areas, wired internet requires the ground to be dug up and cables to be installed. Fixed wireless allows urban businesses to have high-speed reliable connections without the need for construction work or more cabling infrastructure.  
  4. Fixed wireless is vulnerable to inclement weather.
    It has been shown that fixed wireless antennas can stand up to rough weather conditions. It is impossible to guarantee any type of connection is impervious to bad weather, but you can trust that wireless internet will maintain a connection through rain, wind, storms, and more.  
  5. Fixed wireless is just the same as satellite internet.
    It is true that both of these services require a dish or antenna, but there are significant differences between both types of internet connections. There can be high latency with satellite internet because it has to leave the atmosphere and return to deliver the signal. This makes it vulnerable to the weather conditions that fixed wireless avoids. The distance is much shorter with wireless because it is using a terrestrial connection. Satellite internet will often enforce data caps that fixed wireless won’t have.  
  6. The install time must take pretty long.
    This is not true either. With collaboration from the customer and a quality service provider, installing fixed wireless internet can be completed and up and running quite rapidly. Install times for wireless requires less legwork than laying cables and running new wires throughout your building.

Fixed wireless internet is an excellent solution for many businesses. It is an opportunity that is just waiting for you to take advantage of. California Telecom has the experience and expertise you need to implement wireless internet and Wi-Fi in your workplace today. Contact us today to break through the myths and find out all the ways that fixed wireless internet will enhance your operations.