43% of cyber attacks target small to medium-sized businesses!

Security as a Service

While businesses should always safeguard their resources, they also need to be cost-effective in order to stay in business. Shielding informational resources has turned out to be a priority for many businesses that need to meet all the requirements associated with compliance standards when dealing with sensitive data. The major challenge for these enterprises is to implement robust security practices while keeping investment and operational costs in line with the budget. California Telecom’s internet security services offer a way for organizations to access robust, scalable, and cost-effective security as a service.

At California Telecom, we are proud to provide the internet security services your business needs to take on an insecure world as well as the management of these devices. With Cisco as our technology partner, our internet security services include intrusion detection, malware protection, anti-malware protection, and threat mitigation with the deployment of a new firewall.


End-to-End Security

  • Protect every piece of hardware easily
  • Minimize disruptions to your network

Detailed Reporting

  • Help understand how to manage and protect your network
  • Anti-malware, anti-virus, and anti-phishing reports

Easy To Use

  • Unified solution for easy to use application
  • Customizable design for your business

We are proud to partner with;

Cisco, SonicWALL, and Fortinet.

Our Managed Firewall

  • 24×7 firewall administration
  • Log monitoring
  • Response to security threats
  • Reduction in cost of managing in-house firewalls

Whether you are challenged with meeting IT budget demands, fighting new threat adversaries, or are just looking for more efficiency around your compliance and security initiatives, at California Telecom, we understand that all businesses are different, and that is why our internet security services are designed for the kind of flexibility you desire. If you already have a firewall but need help managing it, leave it to the experts at California Telecom.

From small local businesses to large global enterprises, we work with hundreds of thousands of customers to provide security as a service in order to overcome the compliance challenges, enhance resources and support, and drive their business forward. Call us today to see how we can help drive you!