Mobility and safety with California Telecom’s Managed VPN

Connectivity To All

Safe and reliable data transfers have become one the most significant developments in a business’ IT structure. It is an essential requirement for not only business employees but M2M, IoT, business networks, or protected links with business associates and suppliers. Each of these circumstances come with their respective challenges. California Telecom offers managed remote VPN to help continue the growth of your business all with the safety of a VPN. A managed VPN provides connectivity to telecommuters, mobile workers, and day extenders to their corporate network resources over a hosted, secure VPN service. California Telecom’s managed VPN services also offers interconnectivity for enterprise network resources with mobile workers from third-party vendors, franchises, and business partners.

Safe Access To Your Data

Anywhere, at anytime!

Cost-Controlled and Secure

You may choose to outsource part or all of your corporate networking requirements to service providers, which offers the management and maintenance of connectivity, access routers, network security, enhanced value-added services, and support. Cost control is frequently a primary objective when organizations make this decision.

California Telecom’s managed VPN service as a very cost-effective alternative to a traditional leased line WAN configurations. This allows many companies to connect locations in a secure network environment while using less expensive DSL connections over the public internet.

Some Benefits of VPN;

  • Secure access between your computer and your business’ data, even on public networks.
  • Role-based access to restricted data dependent on the employee.
  • Remote access to your corporate network from anywhere.

California Telecom will work with your business to customize a hosted VPN service solution to meet your specific needs of managed VPN services. With its convenience of deployment and easy administration, managed remote VPN services by California Telecom is designed to offer remote access that provides you substantial value over traditional solutions.