NetFlow Monitoring by California Telecom can help you make important decisions about your business’ IT.

NetFlow Benefits

NetFlow monitoring enables new network administration and security by recording IP traffic that is flowing into your network. It is the most widely used standard for network traffic monitoring offering network managers, security engineers, and operations administrators with a profound understanding of their IT environment. California Telecom provides NetFlow Monitoring to enable modern network management and security. NetFlow monitoring is the most widely used standard for network traffic monitoring with many different benefits:

Popularity – Because it has been implemented across the board, almost any business with a router already has the ability to use this protocol.

  • Accessibility – Since it is accessible for all areas of your network, you simply turn on the option to monitor it.
  • Informative – The ability to gather information from your NetFlow allows for easily digestible information regarding security and traffic.

NetFlow monitoring brings completely new effectiveness when IT professionals perform troubleshooting, capacity planning, performance diagnostics and many other tasks.


Complete Security

  • Monitored by security engineers
  • Available at any time

Business Planning

  • Prepare for growth
  • Easy to understand information

Cost Saving

  • Cloud solution options
  • No additional hardware

Flow analysis is can be utilized 90% of the time

Whereas packet analysis can only be used 10%.

NetFlow Management

NetFlow monitoring brings a completely new value when IT experts implement troubleshooting, capacity planning, performance diagnostics and various other related tasks. California Telecom provides Netflow Monitoring exporting managed services focused towards enterprise organizations who are interested in outsourcing collection of their NetFlow monitoring data to a cloud provider. We can help ISP companies, and enterprise organizations or private MPLS backbone providers to develop a unique NetFlow cloud solutions so you won’t have to worry about developing an in-house robust NetFlow solution and can simply rely on our managed NetFlow services to collect NetFlow data from all of their aggregate sites.

Our NetFlow monitoring services solutions include robust management of complete Netflow infrastructure. We make sure that NetFlow monitoring for distant and central locations is present and NetFlow data is not lost. We manage our NetFlow custom exporting data solution with our dedicated monitoring tools.