Get the support and management for all of your workstations from one reliable source.

Desktop Management

As a business, it is necessary to keep your computers and laptops healthy, so you can concentrate on growing your business. California Telecom offers managed workstations for internal desktops as well as workstation management. At California Telecom, we understand that managing and troubleshooting complex user workstation environments require the right skills, a dedicated focus, and efficient response. Overburdened staff and unreliable workstations can seriously affect user productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line. By depending on your workstations such as your PCs and laptops, whenever there is downtime there is an inevitable loss of productivity. How do you mitigate this issue? Let California Telecom take care of the management for you!


Mitigate Downtime

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Manage and troubleshoot issues

Improve Resources

  • Monitor degradation
  • Adapt hardware to situation

Complete Support

  • 24/7 support
  • Remote and on-site availability

Desktop Management

can help you avoid downtime, user frustration, and loss productivity.

Workstation Management

With managed workstations, California Telecom has a team well-versed in keeping your desktops and laptops working in peak condition. Our service offers monitoring and active management with advanced technology tools to bring you total system support. Managing daily workstation complications is a time-consuming procedure, but with controlled workstations from California Telecom, you will witness a reduction in frequent glitches that are adversely affecting your business, which include;

  • Reduced lost time
  • Better-quality of system performance
  • Overcome a lack of internal IT resources

Managed workstations from California Telecom offers workstation management to take off the burden of monitoring, maintenance, and support from your shoulders so you can concentrate on the productivity of your core business.

Having a managed workstation provides the whole team with a reliable experience, safeguarding from network issues, licensing, network configuration, and more, while ensuring each employee has the programs and software necessary to be productive. When employees can access your company’s applications and networks from the get-go, they can succeed in their new roles much faster. Give your team the dedication and management their workstations deserve with California Telecom.