Get the best managed wireless network from California Telecom!

Wifi Service

Because of fierce business competition, many stores, restaurants, bank, and hospitals are embracing technology empowered hubs that are planned to help businesses with an enhanced customer experience leading to consumer loyalty. With its managed wireless, California Telecom offers setting up, maintaining, and operating wireless infrastructure from building to building or point to point. At California Telecom, we understand that businesses can improve customer loyalty and employee productivity by offering Wi-Fi in their business. California Telecom provides a complete, end-to-end managed Wi-Fi service that offers;

  • No set-up fee
  • Fully managed network
  • Suitable for all Wireless LAN

Our wireless service is perfect for companies large or small and can be utilized in many different buildings or sites. Wireless services with California Telecom have never been easier to use and manage!


Fast and Efficient

  • Quick set-up
  • Customized for your service

Consistent Management

  • Installation, monitoring, and management
  • Employee training

Secure and Predictable

  • Encrypted data
  • Easy billing and up-time predictability

- 71% -

The amount of all mobile communications that flow over wifi!

Committed To You

As an expert trusted partner of managed Wi-Fi service, California Telecom’s Managed Wi-Fi Service empowers businesses to outsource the administration of all their Wi-Fi requirements. We can advise on how to handle your network with BYOD, streamed video, the shift to mobile devices, and even the move to an all wireless LAN. You will always be provided with the latest technology at the right time because, at California Telecom, we deploy the most recent systems as soon as they are thoroughly tested and available. You do not need to worry about whether to implement controller-based solutions or cloud management, and you can be sure that your solution will work with software-defined networks when the current solution is modified, and routers are augmented or replaced by virtual systems. All these services are fully supported by our commitment to keep your network and information security with our managed Wi-Fi services.