Is your server being managed for cost-savings and security?

Dedicated Server Management

With California Telecom as your managed service provider, you can rest assured knowing that we are continually remotely monitoring and managing your physical or virtualized dedicated servers around the clock. Managed server solutions are extended and dedicated server solutions in which a web host manages servers for their clients. This set-up is ideal for businesses that do not have an in-house IT department or wish to keep their IT personal free to focus on other tasks related to their core business.

If any problem should arise, our dedicated server solutions staff will immediately be alerted and begin to start working to address the issue proactively. Routine monthly maintenance of your dedicated servers is also provided as part of our service. This proactive approach allows you to avoid costly downtime and ensure that your dedicated servers remain healthy and secure. If a server problem does arise, California Telecom doesn’t just inform you but also resolves the issue to get your business back, up, and running through its dedicated server solutions.


Application Performance

  • Effectively designate bandwidth
  • Zero downtime


  • Fully managed from installation to maintenance
  • 24/7 support

Safe and Secure

  • Promote policy usage
  • Encrypted data in transit and at rest

Dedicated Managed Servers

will give you 24×7 peace of mind!

Solutions For You

Managed server solutions from California Telecom offers a full spectrum of managed dedicated server, from standardized, horizontally scalable systems to more tailored, managed specialized server architectures. This provides you with the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of your applications and enterprise-hosting environment.

California Telecom dedicated server solutions offers:

  • Fully managed operating system for managed dedicated server
  • Dedicated servers switch and storage configurations
  • Future-proof infrastructure of managed servers

Working with a variety of businesses and helping them manage their servers, we’ve witnessed that a managed dedicated server can result in cost and time savings. This allows you to focus on your primary business initiatives, eventually resulting in enhanced productivity of your business.