Let a professional like California Telecom manage your router for total end-to-end support.

Cost-Effective Network Router Solution

Your router is essential to the connectivity of your network. Managing it calls for proficiency, incurs considerable costs, and ensuring it is continually available. This is a challenge. At California Telecom, we offer managed router services, which handles router deployments from installation to provisioning to configuration to on-going management and maintenance. Choose California Telecom’s managed router, eliminate the capital expenses associated with purchasing your network routers and free up your in-house IT resources for more business-critical projects. You will immediately realize all the benefits of a cost-effective network router solution, which includes optimal network performance, efficient internal IT resource allocation, faster issue resolution, and secure network connectivity.


Optimal Performance

  • Fast issue resolution
  • Secure connectivity

Consistent Up-Time

  • Customize traffic allocation
  • Data reporting

Fully Managed

  • 24/7 Support
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance covered


24x7 monitoring and management

Instead of hiring more employees, trust us to watch over your router.

Value-Added Options

California Telecom Managed Router Service provides an expert, fully outsourced solution to manage the routers associated with your Wide Area Network or WAN. The service extends equipment, network management, and expertise to your premise to give you end-to-end support for your WAN communications. We offer the Managed Router solution as a value-added option to a select set of our data services.

  • Equipment fulfillment, including staging, installation, configuration, and maintenance.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring, management, and trouble resolution with service guarantees.
  • Direct access to certified network engineers familiar with your network.
  • Service management Web portal that shows network health information and has extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Choice of service packages to meet a variety of needs, from the very basic to the complex and advanced.

Our completely managed router service provides an affordable option for a router along with its deployment, configuration, maintenance, and administration. Managed router service by California Telecom is our valued added service that assures an end-to-end service performance specifically for your business.