Cloud management isn’t just for large corporations anymore!

Optimize Your Cloud Experience

Utilizing the magnitude, proficiency, and strengths of AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure cloud is an objective for some companies. However, scarcity of internal expertise or a much-needed emphasis on fundamental operations creates some substantial challenges in the way of successful Azure or AWS application and implementation. Therefore, it is essential to look for an appropriate partner for cloud management services to optimize your managed public cloud environment.

Cloud managed services by California Telecom offers cloud management solutions to assist your internal IT team in optimizing and streamlining management of a mission-critical IT infrastructure. With our cloud management, organizations can outsource routine maintenance, upgrades, configurations, and management of their IT infrastructure, enabling IT teams to focus on more strategic priorities. Providing fully managed IT infrastructure and applications in a highly-secure, traditional, or cloud-enabled environment, we help empower your IT professionals to rapidly provision on-demand hardware, middleware, and application support to meet fluctuating IT requirements.



  • Minimize or eliminate hardware
  • Reduce data center footprint

Live Support

  • 24/7 support
  • Fully managed and issue resolution

Advanced Security

  • Encrypted data files
  • Develop business continuity and disaster recovery

Flexibility, scalability, and power

See what Cloud Management can do for you!

Helping Your IT Team

California Telecom’s cloud management services for AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, combines the flexibility, scalability, and power of these three leading public cloud platforms with managed services. Our qualified professionals will design and build a widely accessible, public cloud architecture according to application requirements you’ve set forth and then we track and adjust your environment as your requirements change with your business’ development. At California Telecom, we aim to break the traditional stereotype of cloud providers who restrict their support to the infrastructure, whereas we extend our client support beyond the OS level.

California Telecom offers competitive cloud service pricing with managed services cloud management. As the top provider of managed services cloud management offerings, California Telecom provides a wide variety of hosting services and our group of professionals to help your in-house IT team simplify management of your business’ IT department.