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The way we manage our connections is crucial to operating any business. An extensively recommended network solution is WAN, a wide area network. It is typically used to connect enterprise networks between corporate offices and a central office. Traditional WAN has been a popular choice for many companies for several years now. However, IT services are now shifting more and more towards cloud-based services and all the advantages that they offer.

What is SD-WAN?

As every business grows, the demand for power and more resources becomes a struggle. There is the continual contest between the price of hardware and the drops in service caused by inferior equipment. We all want high definition video conferencing and streaming media. With so many businesses making the jump to the cloud, we are seeing a rise in demand for greater bandwidth and low latency.

SD-WAN is called software-defined networking in a wide area network. SD-WAN companies can offer a more efficient approach to all of our network problems. With the feature of virtualization, SD-WAN connections are managed more closely and with fewer disruptions.

Virtualization is a kind of sorting process that allows every application and operating program to get what it needs without coming into conflict with other systems. It is like a dam that controls the flow of a river so that all your functions can be performed without competing against each other. It reduces network congestion, packet loss, and service outages.

How SD-WAN Enhances Your Cloud Services.

One of the possible drawbacks of cloud-based computing services is that it requires a reliable connection to the internet and powerful enough bandwidth to keep up with the exchange of information. SD-WAN solutions help manage that hurdle with more productive measures in charge of your computing resources.

Even if you are using a hybrid cloud platform service, your systems will still need to access your provider’s data center on a regular basis. SD-WAN vendors can deliver a higher quality of service automated options. The software will actively give bandwidth priority to your most critical applications. It also has the ability to split an application on separate paths to deliver results even faster.

To reduce network downtime, SD-WAN can be pre-set to shift applications from down links to working ones without requiring any intervention from an IT personnel. It also offers security options like encryption, monitoring, and authentication. Applications and services like these all work together to help your systems meet the rising demand from cloud-based operations.

Our Services Will Optimize Your Performance.

In addition to improving your network connectivity, when you work with California Telecom, we will empower you with control over the network between your headquarters and other branch offices from a single point. This approach enables you to have greater visibility of where and how all your network resources are being used. There will be no more wondering about what is causing your network to slow down.