Dedicated, Reliable, And Fast With Speeds Up To 1 Gbps

Benefits of Fixed Wireless Service

Fixed wireless services offered by California Telecom is one of our great primary products. Among California wireless internet providers, California Telecom is the preferred choice for connectivity because of our broad range of offers as well as service and consistent connectivity. One reason to choose California Telecom as your wireless broadband internet provider is its time efficiency or speed. We assure installation of our fixed wireless within five to ten days of a request. With our fixed wireless offering speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, you’ll be ready for business in no time!


  • Installation in 15 business days
  • Free engineering and network design
  • No noise or fluctuation of bandwidth


  • Speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Can support VoIP


Get 100 Mbps

in less than 2 weeks!

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless service by California Telecom is a great alternative when other methods are not available or built out yet. At California Telecom, we offer fixed wireless solutions for places outside metro areas to help businesses take advantage of different locations. Our fixed wireless internet is great for businesses where their building can only get DSL, ethernet, or fiber. Our fixed wireless can support voice over IP (VoIP) and offers high-quality internet with the speed you need to transfer files, use internet apps, and more. When you don’t have two months to wait for circuits to be laid, California Telecom can make sure your business is ready to go with our fixed wireless service.