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What Is Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet over Copper, also called EoC, is the latest and fastest growing service providing high-speed internet and bandwidth. This technology utilizes multiple copper loops that allow for your business to achieve speeds up to 50Mbps based on your distance in relation to the Central Office (CO). In areas where there is a dense population, CO’s are normally available. Many customers are switching their T1 lines to Ethernet over Copper because it is faster and more cost effective. California Telecom’s Ethernet over Copper product guarantees 99.99% reliability backed up with a solid Service Level Agreement (SLA). Ordering Ethernet over Copper is easy; we handle all of the installation of the copper loops, customer premise equipment, router deployment, and setup.


Extreme Performance:

  • Great for businesses needing flexible bandwidths
  • Easy upgrades without new hardware


  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • SLAS backed

Easy Management:

  • Current infrastructure usage
  • Customized bandwidth
  • Customer service support available 24/7

Essential For Your Demanding Internet Business

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Copper vs Fiber Internet

When comparing ethernet over copper and fiber internet platforms, there are many different aspects to consider;

  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Data Increments


The distance from your building to the Central Office will have an impact on your speed and the ability to use the copper over ethernet option. Because EoC isn’t available everywhere, it’s important that you call us to make sure this is a viable option for your business. Another factor is what type of building your business is located in has an impact on the ability to use copper over ethernet.



In terms of speed, copper over ethernet is faster and largely depends on location of your building in relation to a Central Office. Speed changes with the relative relation of your business and a CO. The closer your business is to a CO, the faster your connection.


Data Increments

Smaller companies love the option of EoC because of the ease of scalability and the ability to choose data closer to what a business is using. In increments of 5 megs, EoC is a better option than T1 or fiber which only can be billed in increments of 10 megs.


At California Telecom, our Ethernet services are built to support business-class applications, which may include Voice over IP (VoIP), video calling, and other business critical data application by offering a number of options to maintain quality standards of services over a single connection. At California Telecom, our Ethernet over Copper service is supported by a business class service level agreement and top-quality customer services.