Power Your Mission-Critical Applications With Fast, Reliable Power

Benefits of Fiber Line Internet

Gone are the days when you have to wait for downloads, real-time applications, and slow connection when running large, complex internet applications. At California Telecom, we provide businesses fiber, powered by AT&T, as one of our primary products. We provide the best-selling fiber line internet circuit offered in today’s market. Our fiber internet line is dedicated to commercial customers, therefore; it is not a shared product.


High Performance:

  • Customizable bandwidths
  • High speed for business applications

Reliability Guaranteed:

  • Dedicated line
  • Expert support and customer service

Customer Support:

  • Scalable structure
  • 24/7 support


Our primary products include our best-selling internet circuit and non-shareable dedicated circuit. Our Business Internet Fiber, powered by AT&T, provides fast, reliable, and highly secure internet service. The fiber internet line provided by California Telecom provides DSL speeds of 5 megabits up to 10 gigabit.

Get The Best Selling Internet Offered!

Powered by AT&T, you get fast, reliable, and secure internet.

Get Your Freedom

Once you connect with California Telecom, you can carry out your online activities at faster than light speeds! You can proficiently connect with your customers, collaborate with your employees more effectively, and enhance the overall productivity of your business. California Telecom empowers you to perform all these activities with its reliable and fast fiber line internet because we understand that you need immediate access to the internet. With California Telecom as your service provider, you never have to compromise your business’ performance due to outdated technologies. California Telecom is here to provide you access to a more efficient, more reliable, and faster internet connection for your business.

  • Send and receive files at fast speeds
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Have instant access
  • Stay flexible
  • Know your technology works

Never wait for your internet to catch up with your business! By getting business fiber internet from California Telecom, you’ll never have to slow down.