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Broadband Internet Benefits

Broadband is the common term that refers to a high-speed connection to the Internet. Broadband is a form of high-speed internet service that has outdone dial-up internet connection as the standard mode to connect to the internet. In other words, a broadband internet connection is the lifeline to your business and your internet connection. By understanding what your business needs in connectivity, California Telecom will help get you the bandwidth, speed, and flexibility to meet your business’ requirements. We stand out from other broadband internet service providers because we are an AT&T Partner Exchange Platinum Solution Provider, who offers broadband internet as an additional product to help round out your internet connectivity and ensuring you are always able to get the job done.

Always Available

  • Consistent up-time
  • Responsive assistance

Unlimited Choices

  • Multiple bandwidths
  • Variety of technologies

Easy Billing

  • One bill for all locations
  • Easy support assistance

Need fast internet on a budget?

Broadband is perfect for small businesses with our built in flexibility.

What Makes Us Different?

At California Telecom, we do not price our solutions individually but rather, offer customized costs according to our clients’ needs as you may have ordered the circuit but might require constant up time. For such requirements, we provide additional product and customer-driven solutions. We focus on the needs of the rural communities and local underserved areas where the other broadband internet service providers are not present.

Our broadband internet service is the best choice for small businesses who require super-fast internet at the most economical rates as compared to other broadband internet service because we offer a customer driven solution and do not sell broadband internet as a primary product but offer services in the form of temporary or secondary product, more as an add-on product.


What makes California Telecom different from other broadband internet service providers?

At California Telecom we offer the best speed fastest internet through our Platinum Exchange Partnership with AT&T, along with reliability and affordability because as a broadband internet service provider. We thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and work with them closely to get them the connection they need at the price they want.