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What Is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup as a service or online backup service is when a copy is made of your files and applications over virtual machines or servers and then stored safely on a remote network of data backup services that you can access through the internet. “The Cloud” refers to the system of connected data backup services that can be located and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Online backup services from California Telecom allows you to maintain the backup of your workstations and servers continuously without effort. Our cloud-based backup services work by scanning your hard drive for files that need a backup, encrypts them for security purposes, and then transfers them into the Cloud. California Telecom offers a specific data backup service; the Barracuda Cloud Back Up. The Barracuda Backup is an economical and integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution that works for small and medium-size businesses.



  • Choose your own backup time
  • Fully automated


  • Backup all workstations and servers
  • Never miss a file due to human error


  • No extra work from internal IT
  • Easy to install and use

- 74% -

CFOs think Cloud Services will have the most impact on their business in the future out of any IT improvements.

Cloud Based Back Up As a Service

California Telecom cloud backup as a service is a best-in-class offsite cloud backup that enables your business to continuously save and preserve your data through encryption. This is an easy-to-use, offsite storage option that turns data backup services into a powerful hybrid-online backup service. You can now enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite data backup for any data or system anytime, anywhere with cloud-based backup as a service by California Telecom.

Cloud-based backup from California Telecom offers local and offsite cloud backup that is available in a few easy steps. Our services are compatible with leading user interfaces for ease of use. Since all your backup information is in a central dashboard, you can quickly decide what you want to restore, if you unexpectedly lose data, with just a few clicks.

With our backup data service, you are empowered to back up everything ranging from disks to partitions, servers, data, and mobile devices, all to the California Telecom cloud. Recover anything quickly and easily whether these are files, folders, applications, or even an entire system, through our cloud-based backup as a service option.