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SD-WAN managed services can make your network more flexible and adaptable to the needs of your business, but only with the right approach. If you are having trouble with your internet connectivity or cloud applications, then SD-WAN might be the solution that you need. California Telecom provides a platform that will give you higher visibility over your performance and increase your network productivity.

What do SD-WAN applications do?

One of the most significant hurdles in operating a business in today’s world is managing the flow of information. Enterprise networks will typically use a wide area network (WAN) to link central management to other branch offices. Many businesses are now adopting cloud-based services, and all of this puts more pressure on your systems.

This pressure can hinder your network traffic and create congestion. SD-WAN uses processes like virtualization to streamline this traffic and establish priorities for the most vital operations. It is a software-defined networking tool that allows you to get better performance out of your systems.

Factors to Consider.

  1. Managed Services: If you’ve decided that SD-WAN is the right option for your business, then the next decision is how you are going to implement this new strategy. Outsourcing your services to a managed IT service offers several advantages. A provider like California Telecom already has experience in working out the bugs in an application like this. You won’t be a guinea pig for someone trying this for the first time.
  2. SLA: Find a service provider that provides the option for a service level agreement. This is a contractual agreement that guarantees a specific level of service. An SLA can cover everything from network availability to packet loss and software deployment. They can also be expanded to include equipment repair or replacement.
  3. Flexibility: The whole driving focus of SD-WAN is to provide an adaptable solution to the struggle of managing your resources. You need a partner that offers flexible options to fit the particular needs of your business. You should also seek out an SD-WAN vendor that provides application-aware routing. This is the feature that allows the service to choose the best network path for bandwidth and quality connections.
  4. Custom Solutions: This is similar to flexible options, but it goes a step further. You deserve a partner that will tailor their service to your needs. This about more than being flexible. You don’t want to pay for services you don’t need. The tech requirements of every business are going to be different. You should have a service that is optimized for the functions of your business.
  5. Cost-Cutting: The whole purpose of SD-WAN is to make your job easier and your systems function more cleanly. This process should also be cost-effective. Once your WAN connections are properly managed, your usage costs should drop. Improved application performance should also boost your productivity and your revenue.

As the use of data centers and cloud technology increases, the need for options like SD-WAN is also rising. Your service provider and their solutions can make a big difference, and not all methods offer the same performance. Don’t waste your time or money on network administration that doesn’t deliver the advances you deserve.