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These days, more and more businesses are using cloud computing to leverage IT assets. Cloud computing allows companies to access servers, storage, networking, software, and more without the overhead costs of buying new hardware and installing additional infrastructure. While cloud computing offers several benefits, an evolving cloud system can be difficult for a company’s internal IT department to manage. Over time, internal IT personnel can fall behind in training or persist in outdated practices. This can make a cloud system more difficult to manage, and in some cases, negate certain benefits. Fortunately, there are cloud management service providers. Companies can outsource daily IT management for cloud-based services and technical support to automate and enhance your business operations. Cloud management providers like AT&T provide resources to manage cloud security, storage, network operations, vendors and more. Check out the benefits of cloud management providers and consider if this solution might be right for you.


  1. Cost savings


Outsourcing cloud management reduces costs spent on program maintenance, staff acquisition, and staff training. Staffing a full-time IT department is expensive and perhaps unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses with simple networks. Yet, maintaining the efficacy and security of cloud-based resources can be critical to operations. By outsourcing to a cloud-first managed service provider like AT&T, both problems can be solved. Instead of paying salary and benefits for multiple employees, you’ll pay a subscription rate. This cloud service pricing is based on your unique needs.


  1. Scalability


Cloud management services can scale for usage, growth, and industry progress. Depending on your company, your needs for cloud usage could change depending upon the season. If you own a learning center for elementary students, you may have a spike in cloud usage during the summer months, while the school year may not see as much usage. Cloud service pricing can be adjusted to match your usage. As your business grows, and you add new locations, your cloud service provider grows with you, allocating the resources you need at every step. Finally, cloud management providers like AT&T stay ahead of the industry curve, and will always have trained cloud experts available to handle any challenge or opportunity.


  1. Centralized network services and applications


Often, as a company grows, there may be the need for multiple cloud environments, which may all work with different applications in various ways. With a managed cloud network, the provider manages all applications and servers in a central data center. This increased network availability also increases employee production. Your remote network users can access centralized data within the same network including virtual services, and you can build storage and backup into a centralized network. Furthermore, products such as AT&T NetBond for Cloud specialize in connecting public, private, and hybrid clouds in one, secure place.


  1. Disaster recovery


Years ago, to backup sensitive information, your company would need to buy backup servers or hard drives with gigabytes of space available. Even with enough space available, if all network assets were not backed up at regular intervals, one unforeseen disaster could wipe out tons of valuable information. With cloud managed services, your data will be safe and secured across all cloud services and applications. Regular backups and data monitoring are built into cloud management strategies. In the event of a disaster, your business and operations can continue with minimal downtime.


  1. Vendor interfacing


A modern company might rely on dozens of different programs and applications to get the job done. If one of them malfunctions, operations can come to halt. When vendor-specific service issues arise, cloud managed service providers take care of contacting third-party vendors to resolve them. In fact, many cloud management services providers can resolve possible issues before you even notice a disturbance. In this way, you can focus on building your business instead of troubleshooting lines of code.




The cost savings and potential advantages of cloud management services can be tremendous. Your small to mid-sized company will be better able to leverage your technology by hiring a third party to manage your cloud around the clock. At California Telecom, we’re the local experts in your telecommunications and internet needs. As an AT&T Partner Exchange Solution provider, we can provide you with the most cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in learning about how your cloud computing can rise above the rest, contact us today.


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