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Cutting-edge internet communications technologies rely on using laser bridges to facilitate wireless internet and embedding everyday objects to create an “Internet of Things.” Yet for most companies and operations, an old staple might be the most effective in supporting day-to-day processes. Compared to laser bridges and internet-enabled appliances, ethernet internet connection seems quite humble. Wired ethernet connections could even look antiquated next to ubiquitous Wi-Fi connections. But over the years, Ethernet technology has evolved and even stayed in step with brand new processes for certain applications. For instance, new ethernet over copper wiring speeds can reach up to 10 gigabytes per second. In fact, in some circumstances, ethernet internet connections perform even better than the latest inventions. This article will consider the advantages of using ethernet connections, especially in comparison to wireless connections.


Signal Stability and Consistency


Compared to Wi-Fi, ethernet internet connections possess superior stability and reliability. Wi-Fi signals are transmitted via radio frequencies and are prone to disruptions. Microwave appliances, monitors, remote control systems, and Bluetooth headsets can all cause Wi-Fi interference. Slowdowns, disconnections, and intermittent connections can become common with enough interference. Also, Wi-Fi shares bandwidth between various connected devices, which prevents all of them from working optimally in some cases. Ethernet network connections are not susceptible to interruptions or shortages in bandwidth.




The control and security offered by ethernet are difficult to match. Wi-Fi connections are generally prone to a wider array of potential threats. Signals that extend beyond your company’s walls can be picked up by anyone passing by. Once an outsider has identified your network, they could attempt to hack or disrupt it. With a physical connection, your company always maintains control of who’s connected to your local network at any given time. This prevents costly and harmful security breaches, as a hacker would have to physically connect to and infiltrate your network.


Scalable to Wide Area Networks


Certain modern businesses rely on virtual networks to accommodate employees and meet client demands. Accessing cloud servers, transferring large amounts of data, supporting remote workings, and delivering Voice over IP are all bandwidth-intensive operations that flourish in a consistent environment. Without consistency, companies run the risk of stalled meetings and delays in the completion of crucial tasks and operations. Ethernet-connected LAN and WAN networks can easily be scaled to meet a company’s growing needs while at the same time virtually guaranteeing continuous, effective service.




The latest may not always be the greatest. Ethernet connections have been around for quite some time in a field where past technologies techniques can quickly become obsolete. This enduring usage serves as a testament to the evolution of ethernet and undeniable usefulness in several situations. The technicians at California Telecom know that ethernet is often unrivaled in stability, security, and scalability. As an AT&T Partner Exchange Solution provider, we can provide you with the best services available and be local to your business. If you’re interested in learning more about how ethernet connections can benefit your organization, reach out to us today.

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