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Fiber optic internet is a relatively new tool for business technology, but it is quickly becoming an asset. The range of fiber infrastructure is increasing and the benefits are becoming undeniable. Many businesses are making the jump from the late industry standards of typical copper or wire internet cables. Business fiber internet is becoming more commonplace because it offers so many advantages. Come with us and let’s examine some of the key benefits of fiber internet connectivity for businesses.

The Benefits of Fiber Internet Service

  1. Speed: High-speed internet is essential for nearly everyone at this point, even more so if you are running a business. Fiber optic internet is faster for large files or videos. When success or failure depends on the speed of your internet, you will see a higher service level with fiber optic cables. 
  2. Security: Because of the way they are made, fiber optic cables can be the most secure connections for your company. Copper lines can be compromised and wireless internet access can be intruded. Fiber networks do not send out a signal and to access the actual cable you would have to break the connection in the glass cable. All of this makes them very difficult to hack or tap into. You can increase your reach and raise your security posture at the same time. 
  3. Cost: The cost fiber optic cable internet has gone down significantly since its inception. As this service has become more widespread and availability has risen, the prices have dropped due to competition. This benefits the consumer and means you can get high performance at a lower price. 
  4. Reliability: Unstable or unreliable internet connections can have a real negative impact on your business operations and ultimately, revenue. Unplanned downtime or outages will bring your productivity to a standstill. Reliability is a must for any business internet connection. Fiber optic internet is stronger than copper connections, it is resistant to bad weather conditions, and can only be interfered with by people or conditions if the cable is physically cut. 
  5. Consistency: Over long distances, DSL or copper signals can degrade, while signals over fiber optic lines will maintain their integrity. This is especially advantageous for large businesses or building complexes that stretch over great distances. 
  6. Bandwidth: Depending on your payment plan or subscription service, it can be all too easy to exceed your data cap limit. Fiber optic internet for business is not truly unlimited, but the available bandwidth is much higher and your speed will not suffer from the demands of your network. 
  7. Symmetric Speeds: Symmetric Speed is an industry term that refers to the equal upload and download speeds on the same internet connection. Fiber internet offers this advantage. Why is this crucial? In the modern workplace, it is likely that you will have multiple employees that are trying to upload content while downloading other content all at the same time. Symmetric speed sustains heavy demands like this. 
  8. Latency: Latency is the delay that occurs when you are processing information over an internet connection. Fiber optic connections gets rid of many latency hurdles and allows for the downloading and uploading of high-definition content. This advantage will give you better call quality in VoIP phone systems, easier movement to the cloud, enhanced teamwork between employees, and downloads of big data without disruption. 
  9. Resistance to Interference: We touched on this with reliability, but it is worth revisiting. Copper cabling is sensitive to interference from electromagnetism. This can come from heavy machinery that is nearby like equipment or telecommunications rooms that are close by. You won’t have to worry about this roadblock with fiber optic business internet. This makes your infrastructure more straightforward to manage and establish. 
  10. Cloud Access: Everyone is taking advantage of the cloud in some way these days. To capture the true potential of your cloud tools, you need the high speeds and bandwidth of fiber optic cabling. You will experience fewer delays, disruptions, and using your cloud-hosted services. This will enhance your communication and collaboration enterprise-wide and with your customers as well.


Fiber optic internet for business offers many solutions for the challenges you are facing in your workplace today. Contact California Telecom today to look at the ways we can optimize the functions of your workplace with the power of fiber internet connectivity.