Hosted PBX Inland Empire

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX systems are highly efficient and provide a state of the art phone system without the initial cost of buying, installing, and programming. By utilizing the same equipment and connections for both telecommunications and IP infrastructures, this strategic system is well-suited for Micro Businesses to Enterprise customers and is certified to operate with all major SIP carriers. With hosted PBX, we will securely consolidate multiple locations, increase productivity, and provide your business with a highly optimized network and crystal clear voice connections.

Our Voice Quality Guarantee

We guarantee our VoIP calls will be perfect, clean, and clear every time. We promise that with our Voice over IP, your calls will never touch the internet, ensuring high-quality, secure calls each and every time. If you’ve had a bad VOIP experience, it is because the voice was not controlled. We operate our own voice switch and our data circuits are dedicated, private circuits that circle back to our own data center. For this reason, we control the quality “end to end,” so we can stand by our guarantee. And because we provide these voice services as well as the high-quality circuits, your company will be fully equipped with nothing but crystal clear call connections throughout our partnership.

PBX Spec Sheet Front
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