• 5 Secrets to Saving Money on Business Phone Service

    Companies that depend on good quality clear calls and reliable telecommunication continue to search for better telecommunication services but often it turns out that despite spending a lot on technology, they are not getting the best service. That is probably why many organizations are investing in intelligent and low-cost efficient solutions for their telecommunication needs.

    If you find the process of reducing telecommunication cost of your organization time-consuming, then outsourcing the task to a professional agency can be a good idea. They can bring down your business telecommunication costs. Learn how you can save money on your company’s telecommunication service.


    5 Secrets to Saving Money on Business Phone Service


    Consolidate Multiple Services

    If your organization is using multiple telecommunication services that means you are spending much on them. However, you can minimize the cost by consolidating them into one provider. By combining analog lines with local and long-distance telephone service, you can easily achieve some savings.

    Upgrade Your System

    Those days are gone when companies used to have single phone lines for every individual working for them. The trend of using digital PRI trunk has also gone with time. Today, most of the companies are relying on SIP trunks that offer significant cost-saving telecommunication solutions.

    Use of Voice over Internet Protocol Service (VoIP)

    This highly efficient technology will allow you to connect the service with your existing broadband network. You will not have to install any kind of new setups to enjoy the service. Thus, you will not have to spend extra money since the technology will be assembled with your existing system precisely.

    Once you install the VoIP system in your organization through business phone service, your employees will be able to enjoy plenty of productivity-enhancing features. This will certainly save a lot of money. In addition, highly efficient features like Automatic Call Distribution and auto attendant replace extra administrative personnel.

    Host Your Telecommunication System

    With the use of VoIP service, your employees will be able to make calls from anywhere by simply plugging the phone in the system. This would eliminate the need for any high-cost office business phone service since it will be offered by hosted service. The VoIP service will allow you to pay for only one connection instead of multiple connections you have used before.

    Get Usage Report from Service Provider

    Your company may use more channel s and lines than its actual capacity. If it is the case, then your data usage can surge. However, the best way to learn about it and take precaution is to ask your service provider to submit a report of your daily data usage. This will inform how many channels or lines are being used in your company. Based on the information sent by the service provider, you will be able to point out the lines or channels eating up your usage unnecessarily and prepare plans to reduce usage.

  • Why Businesses Need a Hosted PBX System?

    Hosted PBX phone systems is one of the most preferred solutions for an on-premise communication system for businesses of different size. This is particularly helpful for the small and mid-size organizations because the PBX phone systems provide an efficient solution at an affordable price.

    Hosted PBX is a fully-managed phone system that utilizes cloud technology to connect your business without the costs of a traditional phone system. Hosted PBX makes it easy to connect your head office to remote offices, telecommuters and travelling staff via one seamless phone system. Let’s look into the advantages Hosted PBX system for small and medium size businesses.

    Hosted PBX

    Cost Saving:

    The fully featured solution of Hosted PBX will reduce your monthly expenses and making a significant improvement for your organization’s inter-communication system.

    With the Hosted PBX system, you will not have to think about a large upfront investment, because your telephone system will be operated and maintained by the Hosted PBX service provider. In addition, since you are taking all the equipment on lease, you will not have to worry about the cost of repairs, maintenance or updates.

    Geographical Flexibility:

    A virtual network Hosted PBX system will connect your employees from various geographical locations. The Hosted PBX telephone system will ensure easy connectivity with the main office. No more missed calls from your customers, employees, partners, colleagues, vendors, and any other important business contacts.

    Access Business Class Feature:

    A Hosted PBX system allows an organization to utilize innovative features, unavailable with other systems. The Hosted PBX systems offer the most efficient productivity-boosting features such as voicemail and email transcription, conferencing, call routing, e-fax, auto attendant and much more. With these helpful features like call waiting, call forwarding and auto attendant, all your customers will be taken care of – no more Customer Service delays.


    With Hosted PBX system at your office, you do not have to worry about outages and any other breakdowns, because Hosted PBX system comes with sufficient redundancy, which limits the risks associated with the on-premise PBX system.

    Businesses and companies in Inland Empire prefer Hosted PBX for their on-premise communication system because it allows them to employ the most efficient and cost effective communication system for their organization. If you are looking for a trusted Hosted PBX system in Inland Empire, contact us.

    California Telecom is a pioneer in the domain of telecommunication services. We take personal care to see that your business gets the best custom telecom solutions. Hosted PBX in Inland Empire meets your varied requirements in a customized way. We ensure your business an increased productivity, crystal clear voice connections, and highly optimized network with our hosted PBX system. Our data circuits are dedicated and we have our own voice switch. With our partnership, you can avail crystal clear call connections. Our voice services and superior quality circuits meet your business purpose effectively. Contact us now for an initial consultation absolutely free.

  • SD-WAN Introduces an Optimal Solution in the World of WAN

    SD-WAN aka Software-Defined Wide Area Networking is acknowledged to be a revolutionary approach for simplifying the branch office networking.  This transformational approach also assures an optimal-application-performance as well. Unlike the conventional Wide Area Networking (WNA), SD-WAN helps delivering better and increased network agility which ultimately leads to cost-reduction and efficiency.

    Software-Defined WAN
    The root of Software-Defined WAN lies in SDN or Software-Defined Networking. The underlying principles of SDN hinges on abstracting the network hardware as well as transporting characteristics from the applications which use the network.

    SD-WAN is the effective solution for simplifying branch office networking, which as a result ensures an optimal functionality of a system’s applications. Take a look at how SD-WAN stands above the traditional WAN:

    Unlike traditional WANs, SD-WAN:

    • Delivers increased agile abilities to your system.
    • Links the management of your system with its own functions.
    • Is rooted in Software-Defined hardware.
    • Transports characteristics from applications using various Small Business Applications across different networks.
    • Is flexible; and reduces your overall need for provisioning.
    • Lowers your overall expenses.

    Benefits & advantages

    Aside from benefiting both the virtual environments and data centers, Software Defined Networking also ensures a significant application and value in the extensive expanse of networking. SD-WAN empowers enterprises with the ability of consolidating network functions and intelligence into a single-abstracted layer by ironing out complexities involved in the configuration and management of a network.
    Being one of the best approaches, SD-WAN helps creating and utilizing the deployment of an enterprise wide area network that uses Software-Defined networking to calculate the most effective traffic routes to remote locations, maintain active monitoring via the application.

    There is an array of additional benefits of software-defined wide-area networking aka SD-WAN. Take a look:

    With SD WAN as a virtual overlay, YOU WILL:

    • Experience secured pooling of public and private connections.
    • Have an up -to-date, centralized network control center.
    • Receive real time analytical data to improve your productivity.
    • Gain the ability for your administrators to remotely program edge appliances.
    • Create more productive work time and optimal service.
    • Cut down on in-person visits to mitigate problems.

    SD-WAN products will vary not only depending on the service provider, but also by many enable Hybrid WAN, which can effectively route traffic through a combination of both private and public links. An SD-WAN-build allows administrators to virtually eliminate reliance on expensive & leased MPLS circuits by rerouting public and lower priority data over less expensive public internet channels.

    Our Solutions Center at California Telecom

    Are you all set to create specific connections by reserving your network’s private links for mission-critical or latency- sensitive traffic like VoIP?  If yes, then it’s time to tap into the latest technology – SD-WAN.

     – Instant Global Office Connections
    Fast, reliable, office connectivity over your choice of customizable, long-term network option.

     – Increased Agility of Application Performance Over Past Versions of WAN
    Intercontinental speeds of application run times equivalent to office based communications

     – Simpler, More Direct Access to Cloud Based Applications
    High level performance of Cloud and SaaS based applications in more remote areas for greater productivity

     – Upgraded Web Application and Site Performance
    Highly rated end-user experience created by fast load times and quick application deployment

     – Increased Speeds of Connection and IP Application Delivery
    Faster access to more centrally hosted business IP applications and increased mobility

     – Hyper-Speed Response Times for SaaS and Related Applications
    Increased application delivery within the network for positive user experience

  • Importance of High-Speed Internet for Start up Businesses

    The biggest issue that most start-up businesses face is a tight budget. So, some businesses start out using residential Internet lines to save money. Unfortunately, in the long run, this internet service proves to be very limited and sometimes even stagnates the business growth.  If you are in the planning stages of launching a new business or already started one with a residential Internet connection, you may want to reconsider your internet provider and learn about numerous high-speed internet options for business available to you. Take a look at some of the key advantages of having high speed internet for the small and startup businesses.

    High-Speed Internet

    High Speed Upload

    High speed Internet connection for businesses offers symmetric connectivity, which makes it super fast to not only download the large filed but also to upload large files with equal speed. However, the connections available under residential plans have typically lower uploading speeds.  If your company transfers large files on regular basis such as graphics, printing, video businesses, you need to opt in for service providers that offer Ethernet over copper that allows for high speed bandwidth and Internet. Multiple copper loops used in this technology ensure high speeds for faster uploading and downloading.

    Cloud Operations

    Start up businesses with traditional on-site networks face a greater financial burden by having to maintain computer and telecom hardware on premises. A lot of companies opt in to work only with cloud technologies and software that can be easily accessed and maintained from any location. When you run your business processes in the cloud, it saves you money down the road as it eliminates your onsite IT maintenance expenses. In order to make use of efficient cloud processes, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection. The leading Internet business service provider in Inland Empire such as California Telecom will help you keep the productivity high and expenses low.

    Dedicated Connectivity

    California Telecom offers businesses high speed Internet with dedicated connections. When you get dedicated internet connectivity for your business, it makes a big difference in internet efficiency and speed. With a regular not dedicated connection, you have to share the internet connectivity with other subscribers which often results in slow Internet connection when shared usage is high. These problems happen more often when the service providers oversubscribe which happens very often. Therefore, getting a dedicated Internet connection will ensure high speed as you will get the bandwidth and circuit exclusively for your business.

    Raise your Business Profile Online Easily

    If your business has multiple branches or services clients remotely and relies heavily on online presentations, Skype calls, shared meeting, VOIP calls and such, it is vital to have decent bandwidth.  With our upgraded dedicated internet service, you will notice substantial improvement in Internet connection speed and no slow down in usage with uploading files, doing demonstration of products online, how-to videos or rich multimedia content.

    These are some of the highlights of choosing a high speed Internet connection for your startup business. California Telecom offers complimentary consultations and will help you untangle the complex world of telecom technologies and internet options for your business.

  • 10 Reasons Hosted PBX is Best for your Business Phone Service

    10 Reasons Hosted PBX is Best for your Business Phone Service

    Does your business need a better telecommunication system? Do you have remote employees all over the country that need to be connected through the same phone system? There is no denying that the evolution in telephone technology in the last decade allows modern businesses of any sizes from 5 employees to Enterprise solutions to have the same cutting edge technology. One of such systems is Hosted PBX.

    Hosted PBX is a unique telecom technology that allows businesses to have a top-notch ‪‎telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment. The entire system is operated by VoIP service provider. What are the benefits of such system?

    1 Affordability

    You will be saving a lot more each month with Hosted PBX services. Affordability and lower rates are the main reason why Hosted PBX system has become such a popular choice for business owners.

    2 No busy signal ever

    The busy signal is never going to be an issue with the use of burstable SIP trunks. A busy signal can easily cost you a customer and that is a chance that is not worth taking.

    3 Long distance bundle

    You will get an excellent long distance bundle package or you can get an unlimited license. This is essential for any business that deals with long distance calls on a daily basis.

    4 DID private numbers

    The direct inward dial feature allows you to have private numbers in addition to your main number. This is going to be extremely helpful when you want certain employees in your company to be reached through direct phone numbers.





    5 Out of area telephone numbers

    If you want a phone number from another area code, you can order one and there will be no long distance charges or call forward charges applied.

    6 Redundancy features

    If an internet circuit fails, a second circuit will become available immediately. This is going to ensure that your workflow is not interrupted and the business runs smoothly regardless of any issues.

    7 Routing for power outages

    If a power outage occurs, you will be able to access your user panel with a smart phone and re-route all calls to cell phones for the duration of the emergency. This is extremely important during rainy seasons and storms.

    8 Full maintenance is included

    When you choose hosted PBX services, you will be given a full maintenance agreement. This means that you will be getting free upgrades, full hardware warranties and assistance with any issues that you might encounter with your system.

    9 Voice mail in WAV format

    All of your voice mail messages will be sent to your email in wav format. This is a very common format that you can reproduce on your phone or PC and allowing you an easy access to your messages.

    10 Lower space use

    The amount of space that is needed to setup your Hosted PBX system is much lower than any other you could install for your business.


    We guarantee Excellent Voice Quality

    If you’ve had a bad VOIP experience, it is because the voice was not controlled. Our VoIP calls will be perfect, clean, and clear every time. We promise that with our Voice over IP, your calls will never touch the internet, ensuring high-quality, secure calls each and every time. We operate our own voice switch and our data circuits are dedicated, private circuits that circle back to our own data center. For this reason, we control the quality “end to end,” so we can stand by our guarantee.